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Solving Problems 49 and 50 Phys 002C May 26 2010 Problem 49. (Like problem 28.32) When a hydrogen atom is shared between two bases like A and T on opposing strands of DNA, the proton, originally confined to a location of size B a x becomes delocalized over a distance B a x 2 . While most of the hydrogen bond energy is caused by the delocalization of electrons, there is a small amount of extra binding energy associated with the proton’s delocalization. Supposing this to be approximately the kinetic energy corresponding to the uncertainty in momentum from , what is the proton delocalization contribution to the hydrogen bond energy? Use =1×10 M p 2 / ) ( 2 p x -34 J·s, M = 1.6×10 -27 kg, a B =0.05 nm, 1 J = 1.6×10 -19 eV. (a) 6 meV; (b) 6 keV; (c) 6 GeV; (d) 6 neV; (e) 6 MeV What do you know? Initially B a x p / /
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Unformatted text preview: so the kinetic energy is 7.8 meV. The final kinetic energy is associated with twice the confinement distance or one-fourth the confinement energy. The difference is 0.75x7.8 meV = 5.9 meV. M a M p B 2 / ) / ( 2 / ) ( 2 2 Watson-Crick base pairing Problem 50. (Like problem 29.51) What is the ground state energy of three spin zero particles in a 1 dimensional box of side L in units of E , where the single particle energy levels are nE , where n =1,2,3, and 2 2 2 L m E ? (a) 1; (b) 2; (c) 3; (d) 4; (e) 5 What do you know? The spin zero particles are even under exchange so any number can be in any one state. The ground state, meaning the lowest energy state, is thus when all three particles are in the lowest energy level so n = 3....
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