Lauren Feliciano's introduction

Lauren Feliciano's introduction - Dear Chris Dean: My name...

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Unformatted text preview: Dear Chris Dean: My name is Lauren Feliciano and I am a second year psychology major at the University of California, Santa Barbara as you probably assumed. I grew up in a small town called Pacific Grove, CA, which shares its coast with a few more famous cities named Monterey and Pebble Beach (which you have probably heard of if you are an avid golf fan). Growing up near the beach my whole life coupled with my aunts great experience as a former UCSB student directly contributed to my desire and determination to attend UCSB. Before I tell you a little about my goals for the future, I will share some of my past experiences and interests that have contributed to who I am today. Growing up in an easy going and supportive family allowed me to experience every possible sport, musical instrument, and type of dance that was available to me as a child. Even though I quit all of these activities (this list includes but is not limited to the trumpet, violin, piano, tennis, softball, basketball, tap dance,...
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