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104A - CN15 - Review 3 - 104A CN15 Review3 Administrative...

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104A CN15 Review 3 Administrative Please understand that you’re responsible for knowing the requirements of all writing  assignments. These are listed in the prompt for any assignment, and we will have discussed each one in class. I’d like to have conversations with three more students on Tuesday (tomorrow). Amgen Tour of California Stage 2 Review of Class 14 “looking backward and then looking forward” refers to what? We encourage our intended audience to take action with this. What are the components of an operational definition, and why would your intended audience care to see an operational definition in your proposal? New for Today: 1/10th of a Second: Verbal Bridges Verbal bridges “bridge” pieces of writing. When we recognize that we need to add a verbal bridge, and then add one, we are working so that our intended audience doesn’t have to. In what way? Remember that to resolve confusion is a form of work that separates your readers from your writing. So when you add verbal bridges, you eliminate confusion and in this way free readers to understand your ideas. Here’s an example. There are always going to be small ways to increase revenues by getting newer products, finding better marketing campaigns, etc., but no plan will change the business as much as changing the suppliers of our products because it will completely change people’s perspective of the company to be in a more positive light. This _________ will not only bring more customers, but will also give us more reputability and more publicity.
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“This” is what’s known as a demonstrative pronoun. English has four only: (“this,” “that,” “these,” and “those”). They offer opportunities because demonstrative pronouns usually cannot refer back to one thing certainly but rather can refer back to several things, as the example above illustrates. Verbal bridges consist of either nouns by themselves or of noun phrases – clusters of words that have a noun at their center. When we add a verbal bridge, we are taking weight from a demonstrative pronoun, relieving it of work that it cannot do by itself. This _________ will not only bring more customers, but will also give us
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104A - CN15 - Review 3 - 104A CN15 Review3 Administrative...

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