104A - CN 11 - Review 2

104A - CN 11 - Review 2 - 104A Class Notes 11 Review 2...

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Class Notes 11 Review 2 Administrative Chat Room tomorrow, from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM On Wednesday we’ll learn how to incorporate evidence directly, and how to blend others’ words and our own. We’ll also learn more about citing sources. Alternative time for quarter-end test. o Scheduled time: o Alternative time: Because we’ve taken an extra week on this assignment, I’m going to sequence our next one slightly differently. The due dates for your 31 and 32 remain unchanged, Review: From Practices to Qualities What am I claiming with the phrase, “from practices to qualities?” o An example: Facebook uses plain language to describe its EULA (End User License Agreement) for users, and in this way reaches out to them. It’s possible for a firm to increase its ethos and pathos in the same way that a human being can by adopting specific writing practices, and Facebook does so here: X x New for Today: Review 2 The proper formatting of a business letter. Recognize: that pronouns and antecedents – which is what we call the nouns that pronouns refer back to – must agree in number. singular antecedent: singular pronoun or plural antecedent: plural pronoun. o
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104A - CN 11 - Review 2 - 104A Class Notes 11 Review 2...

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