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1 PLS 170 How does one achieve “Supreme Good” through practical application? A politician, or agent as Aristotle defines the term, has the responsibility to act on shaping the world of his constituents for the “common good.” This can be compared to a physician who studies medicine to help the “good of his patients. Is the “good” for one person the same as the “Supreme Good” for all? Other pursuits have their own measure of the “good.” Many people view the “Supreme Good” subjectively and define it by what is best for him as an individual. Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics venture beyond these self-serving goals and attempt to find a common thread. It attempts to define a universal idea of the “good” in order to urge individuals to strive for the benefit of society as a whole. Nichomachean Ethics discusses achieving the “common good” through practical application, which would resolve conflicting politics and create a Utopian society. This opens the door for many questions. For example, what is the role of politics in the “Supreme Good?” How should the actions of politicians be judged? Studying “good” is an important part of politics because politics is concerned with achieving the highest ends for human life. Politics can be viewed as an inexact science. What is best for one person may not be best for all. Yet in politics, this decision must be addressed. Politicians are forced to make many decisions which affect their world. Their decisions determine how well one fulfilling their mission in the achievement of the “common good.” Men attempt to practice “common good” through their actions. For example, a politician who is forced with a decision on whether to commute a death
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1 sentence, may ask the question: Does this serve the “good” of man as a whole, or the “good” of one man? By applying the practical pursuit of the “good” and saving an innocent man’s life, a politician secures the “Supreme Good” of the state. A politician
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Essay 1 PLS 170 - 1 PLS 170 How does one achieve Supreme...

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