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Crowdsourcing - They can post a solution on the same site...

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Max Spinner Crowdsourcing 1. Crowdsourcing is delegating tasks that would be normally assigned to one person or group and asking the public to work on it. 2. Tekscout is an example of crowdsourcing. This is a service that connects people who have problems and answers. Tekscout allows organizations to solve problems by putting problems on a network and asking people to help solve them. There are a few steps to having a problem solved. First, a problem is posted on the network. Then they list the criteria for the problem. A deadline is posted for the problem to be solved. The company who posts the problem also posts the amount of money they are willing to pay to have someone save the problem. Tekscout displays these qualifications to scientists, engineers, and researchers around the world. Once on the network, other people look at the problems and think if they have an answer.
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Unformatted text preview: They can post a solution on the same site. People look at the submitted solution, evaluate against criteria, and decide which solution best solves the problems. The benefit for the company posting the problem is there is lots of access to expertise. The company also only has to pay if it works. For researchers, they get to see a ton of problems and see which suits them best. They do not have to work on anything they do not want to. This service also provides access to university technology, licensing information, strategic consulting, and patent analytics. This company is an example of crowd sourcing because it includes the posting of problems and offers them up to the public to solve. 3. For my HIT, I had to say if a picture of a building matched a picture of another building below it. It did not, so I clicked the bubble that specified this....
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Crowdsourcing - They can post a solution on the same site...

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