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info systems group project - Information technology has...

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Information technology has given way to great strides the overall communication of people everywhere. The telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell, helped people to communicate with each other more quickly and clearly at a distance than ever before. This technology was an essential piece of equipment that later led to further advancements in the communication sector. Once the telephone was invented, people strove to create even better technological advancements. The telephone spurred interest and creativity for new and better ways for people to talk to each other. The telephone eventually led to the cell phone, which has become a practically essential innovation. The concept of the cell phone itself would have been unfathomable if not for the initial development of the telephone. The telephone was a phenomenal exceptional catalyst for the development of new technology. The advancement of the telephone fostered even more innovative ideas. It may seem like a simple improvement, to make phones wireless, but it has had a huge impact on the way people socialize and get
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info systems group project - Information technology has...

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