xbox case - Max Spinner Xbox 1 For the original Xbox...

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Max Spinner Xbox 1. For the original Xbox, Microsoft bought graphics chips from Nvidia. They bought microprocessors from Intel. Flextronics helped with mechanical specifications. For the Xbox 360, Microsoft contracted with chip companies because it wanted to own the designs so that it could reduce costs. Intel and Nvidia, however, did not like this approach. This caused Microsoft to contract with IBM. ATI designed a graphics chip. The main reason that Microsoft switched its suppliers between the production of the first Xbox and the Xbox 360 is the issue of price. Microsoft wanted to minimize costs as much as possible, as they did not generate profit from the console itself. All the money came from the games. Microsoft also cared about the quality, but the cheaper companies also had high quality products. 2. The advantages of a global launch are that a company has the ability to saturate the global market all at once. A global launch allows for the console to gain popularity very quickly. A disadvantage is that the more countries that Xbox is released to, the bigger the
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xbox case - Max Spinner Xbox 1 For the original Xbox...

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