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Max Spinner November 17, 2009 Course section: 0301 UID: 109943246 Chapter 9 1. List five stylistic traits of Romantic music (19 th century): Five traits are chromatic scales, widely contrasting moods, sharps and flats added to melodic lines, chromatic harmony, compositions for larger orchestras and more instruments. 2. Make a short comparison of Romantic and Classic music. Identify at least three traits for each: Both types of music use widely contrasting moods.
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Unformatted text preview: They also both have interests in new sonorities. Classic music has simple melodies and basic harmonies. Romantic music, contrastingly, has complex harmonies. Romantic music also uses chromatic scales. 3. Explain the term Gesamtkunstwerk: It is “unity through simultaneous use of myth, dance, poetry, drama, and music.” This is what Wagner wanted to achieve....
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