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Max Spinner December 1, 2009 Course section: 0301 UID: 109943246 Chapter 11 1. List at least two modes Bartok used, in addition to the major and minor modes: Two modes Bartok used were Lydian and Mixolodyian modes. 2. Describe at least four features of Barok’s style related to previous European composition techniques: He used piano as percussion, using cluster chords. HE also tried new sounds on string instruments. This included a sharp string pluck. Another new idea was softly scratching a large symbol with a knife. 3. What are characteristics of eastern European musical elements of melody and rhythm? One rhythmic characteristic of eastern European music is the scotch snap. A melodic
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Unformatted text preview: influence is the Hungarian folk music. Chapter 13 1. Name three African instruments: Three instruments are talking drums, the linguaphone, and the mbira. 2. List two characteristics of West African music: Two characteristics of west African music are embellished fuzz tone associated with African timbre and distinct uses of rhythm. 3. Explain how African instruments can talk: African talking drums imitate human speech by reproducing its pitch and rhythmic patterns. The talking is a result of tonal languages being spoken in Africa. Because speech utterances are characterized by rhythmic patterns, the instrument can speak by using only pitch and rhythm....
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