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Max Spinner November 19, 2009 Course section: 0301 UID: 109943246 Chapter 10 1. Identify at least five new aspects of Debussy’s musical style: Five aspects are: chromatic, whole tone scale, intuitive form, modal scales, and tactic harmonies. 2. What instrument is the most important in the Javanese court orchestra? The great gong is most important. It begins and ends a piece. It marks important structural parts.
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Unformatted text preview: The eldest and most experiences person plays the gong, as age is highly respected in Javanese society. The orchestras name is emblazoned on the gong, and offerings are made to the gong before the performance. 3. How does a gamelan composition usually begin? How does it end?: A solo introduction, a buka, will start a gamelan piece. Then the drums are heard, until there is a stroke by the gong....
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