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Chapter15chapterreview - Gospel also includes a rhythmic...

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Max Spinner December 10, 2009 Course section: 0301 UID: 109943246 Chapter 15 1. Name and describe two styles in the history of African- American music: One style is blues. The blues is both a feeling and a musical form. It’s also a singing style. The blues takes personal experiences and turns them into artistic expressions. Blues is best known by a twelve- measure cycle that is based off a harmonic progression. It is called a chaconne. Another style is gospel. Gospel can be “funny, sad, or sexy. It’s like the blues.” Gospel heavily uses call and response. The minister initiates hymns sung by an entire congregation. People sing, shout, play tambourines, jump, clap, and dance.
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Unformatted text preview: Gospel also includes a rhythmic use of voices and improvisation. There is also a use of secular instruments such as acoustic or electric guitar, piano, organ, and drums. 2. Name at least three elements which African-American music shares with African music: One element Is the use of dance in music. African music incorporated dance, and gospel also uses dance. Jazz incorporates African rhythm and sounds that slaves brought to American. African music came to include hollers when they became slaves in the United States. These hollers influenced blues music, by incorporating sad, personal experiences....
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