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1. Name at least five arts that may be combined with music. Five arts that can be combined with music are quotation, the supernatural, drama, dance, and synergism. 2. Specify the advantages and disadvantages of staff notation, tablature, and cipher notation. Advantages of staff notation includes that distance relationships between different pitches can be illustrated through staff lines. Clefs also depict a precise pitch for the piece. An initial disadvantage was that the pitches were not standardized. The advantages of tablature are that, in guitars for example, a small diagram can evince which frets should
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Unformatted text preview: be played and which should be omitted. The composer can also write what chord to play above the tablature. A disadvantage is that a player may not recognize the notation, however, the tablature below can still tell him what to play. An advantage of cipher notation is that it may be simpler for some people to understand, since numbers denote the melody. A disadvantage is that cipher uses Japanese characters, which not everyone is familiar with. 1. Is music an “invention” of humanity? 2. What function(s) does music serve in society today?...
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