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Max Spinner November 9, 2009 Course section: 0301 UID: 109943246 1. Name at least three standard orchestral instruments borrowed from the Turks: Three instruments are the bass drum, cymbals, and the triangle. 2. Name at least two ways in which Turkish music influenced Western music: Turkish music influenced Western music were using Rondo alla Turca. This is a Turkish melody or rhythm added to the music. Another way, particularly used by Mozart, is the use of Turkish themes in opera 3. Name three stylistic aspects of Classic music: One aspect is incorporating specific timbre in pieces. AN example of this is Mozart’s use of the clarinet in his fugues. He wanted to emphasize the natural aspects of music. Breaking down songs into phrases that can repeat themselves is another aspect. Another aspect is stressing contrasting moods within one movement or piece. Yet another is having graceful melodies that are combined with clear harmonies and tonality. A final element of Classical style is using diverse musical elements. These include simple
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