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Diversity at Workplace - Diversity Issues: Psychology at...

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Diversity Issues: Psychology at workplace Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organization. That sounds simple, but diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more. Diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves, but how they perceive others. Those perceptions affect their interactions. For a wide assortment of employees to function effectively as an organization, human resource professionals need to deal effectively with issues such as communication, adaptability and change. Recession and Diversity Leading diversity professionals believe that there are untapped opportunities for smart organizations to gain market advantage through good diversity practices in an economically challenging environment. There are of course risks, and it is very likely that the recession could have significant negative short and long term impacts. The recession gives those responsible for delivering business results through diversity a variety of opportunities to improve performance. The opportunities can be summarized as: Re-aligning the diversity business plan with the new business imperatives Innovation in delivery mechanisms and techniques Using diversity to increase business revenue and or save money Attracting and retaining talent Globalization and its impact
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Globalization has changed the lives of millions of people around the world to the better. Globalization has made fast amount of resources available to the masses; millions of people around the world now can afford air-travel, clean water, better education and better health care. But Globalization brought with it diversity and new culture that many societies are not willing to accept. To be part of the global village, communities must be willing to accept new ideas, new faces, and new ways of doing things. Globalization
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Diversity at Workplace - Diversity Issues: Psychology at...

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