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Unformatted text preview: PATRIARCHAL FAMILY AS THE SITE OF CULTURAL RESISTANCE Often, for a minority community in a predominantly white, 'western' society, the only means available to keep distance from the alien and alienating values and practices of the dominant culture is association with one's own culture, reconnecting with it-hence, 'cultural resistance'. Resentment against the dominant culture and the values it represents turns the indigenous culture into a pole of resistance. Cultural resistance becomes a refuge against class and racial discrimination. There are, however, two sides to cultural resistance. Marginalization and exclusion may make the minority culture more resistant to change than under normal circumstances. It creates grounds for a solidarity and bonding that would not necessarily exist in the home-country. For example, by creating unwarranted loyalties and uncritical acceptance of male-defined cultural norms and values, racism and class disadvantage may reinforce sexist values and patriarchal power relations within a diasporic...
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