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Quiz 3b - Birla Institute of Technology,F and Science...

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Unformatted text preview: Birla Institute of Technology,F and Science Pilani B Fist Semester ZDD’T—IDDS MUG C321: Control Systems Quiz 3 Date:t}4-1 moor Duration: 15 Min m: It] Name: ID No.: See: Q. For the control system whose block diagram is given below, determine the value of u so that step response has a peak overshoot of It] “xi. Determine the settling time [for . 5% tolerance band} for this value of Ct and steatflji,Ir state error for this value offl. ifunit ramp input is applied ? F- m; ' _ slants. flap-v. +10 FE Ohm has were passe Jeri—- a (.5+1+ 1N1) "’5’“ i9: amp—- :59 £34“: EFL—Iii Efltg;q_ on“? G” loot-HF [a 5* 965-1143?qu [Ti tolevomm Tia-knit)?— r“ '* £______ ...
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