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BIRLA INSTITUTE OF INSTRUCTION DIVISION SECOND SEMESTER 2003-2004 Course Handout ( Part- II ) Date : 07-01-2006 Course No. : EEE C383 Course Title : Communication Systems. Instructor-in-Charge : S. BALASUBRAMANIAN. 1. Scope and Objective : This course introduces the principles and practices of modern Analog and Digital communication systems. Analog modulation schemes like amplitude and angle modulation and their performance in the presence of additive white gaussian noise shall be analysed. The encoding of signals into various PCM formats will be discussed. The digital modulation techniques like ASK, FSK, PSK, QPSK and their performance in the presence of AWGN shall be analysed. An introduction to information theory and source as well as channel coding schemes will be discussed. Shannon’s capacity theorem and the comparisons of various schemes will be analysed. The students must revise the Fourier transform & their properties already studied under EEE C272 Circuits & Signals. 2. Text Books : 1. B.P. Lathi, “ Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems”, 3 rd edition, Oxford University Press, 1998. 2. Simon Haykins, “Communication Systems “, 3 rd edition, John Wiley& sons,1995. 3. “A laboratory Manual for Communication Systems EEE C383” by S. Balasubramanian and et. al., 2006 (EDD Notes). Lecture. No. Topic Learning Objective Ref. to Text Book 1. Introduction to . communication. History of elctronics as well as the progress in every decade of the 20 th century. The electromagnetic spectrum and the various frequency bands used for communication. Block diagram of a communication system. Ch 1----- T1
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