Include the name of the algorithm 3 topological sort

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Unformatted text preview: equal? (Include the name of the algorithm.) 3 Topological Sort Another way of performing topological sorting on a directed acyclic graph G = (V, E ) is to repeatedly find a vertex of in-degree 0 (no incoming edges), output it, and remove it and all of its outgoing edges from the graph. Explain how to implement this idea so that it runs in time O(V + E ). What happens to this algorithm if G has cycles? Handout 9: Quiz 2 Practice Problems 5 4 Shortest Paths Carrie Careful has hired Lazy Lazarus to help her compute single-source shortest paths on a large graph. Lazy writes a subroutine that, given G = (V, E ), a source vertex s, and a non-negative edge-weight function w : E → R, outputs a mapping d : V → R such that d[v ] is supposed to be the weight δ (s, v ) of the shortest-weight path from s to v (or ∞ if no such s → v path exists) and also a function π : V → (V ∪ {N IL}) such that π [v ] is the penultimate vertex on one such shortest path (or NIL if v = s or v...
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