quiz2_f02 - Fall 2002 6.720J/3.43J Integrated...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2002 6.720J/3.43J Integrated Microelectronic Devices Prof. J. A. del Alamo Novemb er 5, 2002 - Quiz #2 Name: General guidelines (please read carefully b efore starting): Make sure to write your name on the space designated ab ove. Open book : you can use any material you wish. All answers should b e given in the space provided. Please do not turn in any extra material. You have 120 minutes to complete your quiz. Make reasonable approximations and state them , i.e. low-level injection, extrinsic semicon ductor, quasi-neutrality, etc. Partial credit will b e given for setting up problems without calculations. NO credit will b e given for answers without reasons. Use the symb ols utilized in class for the various physical parameters, i.e. N , , E , etc. c Pay attention to problems in which numerical answers are exp ected. An algebraic answer will not accrue full p oints. Every numerical answer must have the prop er units next to it. Points will b e subtracted for answers without units or with wrong units. In situations with a defined axis, the sign of the result is also part of the answer. If needed, use the doping-dep endent Si parameters graphed throughout del Alamos notes. If needed, use physical parameters for silicon at ro om temp erature listed in App endix B of del Alamos notes. If needed, use the values of fundamental constants listed in App endix A of del Alamos notes. Cite as: Jess del Alamo, course materials for 6.720J Integrated Microelectronic Devices, Spring 2007. MIT OpenCourseWare (http://ocw.mit.edu/), Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Downloaded on [DD Month YYYY]. 1. (10 points) In a metal-semiconductor junction that uses a metal with a large Schottky barrier height, an inversion layer of minority carriers might get formed at the metal-semiconductor interface 17 3 in thermal equilibrium. Consider such a situation on n-typ e Si with N = 10 cm ....
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quiz2_f02 - Fall 2002 6.720J/3.43J Integrated...

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