project1 - Spring 2007 6.720J/3.43J Integrated...

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Spring 2007 6.720J/3.43J Integrated Microelectronic Devices Prof. J. A. del Alamo Device Characterization Project 1 - February 7, 2007 MOSFET source-body pn diode characterization Due: February 14 at lecture (10 AM) The main goal of the device characterization projects in 6.720 is to expose students to ”real” microelectronic devices: current-voltage characteristics, parameter extraction tech­ niques, and models. These projects use an online microelectronics device characterization laboratory that Prof. del Alamo and his team have been developing for a while at MIT. This is an experimental set up designed to allow the educational use of professional micro­ electronics characterization equipment by a large number of users through the web. The latest version of the system (v. 6.1) is accessed at A manual for the system can be browsed and downloaded from the iLab homepage. At the heart of this lab is an HP4155B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer. This tool is basically a fancy curve tracer that allows one to obtain I-V characteristics of semiconductor devices. In this ±rst device characterization project, your assignment is to characterize the source- body pn junction of an integrated n-channel MOSFET. In a second asignment, to follow later in the semester, you will characterize the MOSFET itself. In both cases, you will perform the device characterization before the relevant theoretical material is presented in lecture. This is to alleviate scheduling problems, but also to see to what extent these device characterization projects serve as an effective motivational tool for key material in this subject. The instructor is much interested in your feedback on this matter. Assignment: characterization of source-body pn junction of a MOSFET This assignment is about characterizing the source-body pn diode of a MOSFET, labeled ”6.720 MOSFET”. The details of the device connection are available on-line (see manual). For this measurement, the source, drain and gate of the MOSFET should be shorted to­ gether. Refer to Appendix A at the end of this handout for basic information about the pn diode. You have to do the following:
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project1 - Spring 2007 6.720J/3.43J Integrated...

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