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Officer Candidate School 2007 Program Manual Allied Training Command
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the officer corps. You have chosen to follow a path that is difficult but rewarding, one that not everyone is able or willing to pursue. As an officer, you will influence the actions of players everywhere, by your decisions and commands in battle. New players look to you for advice, and experienced players look to you for leadership. As time goes by, you will master the elements of strategy and principles of leadership, rising in rank and responsibility. You may even become the Commander-in-Chief some day, if you have the dedication and energy necessary. All of that begins here, today, with this course and this manual. No single document can teach every officer everything they need to know; only experience can do that. Experience is gained by practice, making mistakes and then learning from your mistakes. What this manual can do, and hopes to, is provide you with a firm grasp of the basics of being an officer in the Allied High Command. Armed with this knowledge, you will go on to some live exercises, supervised by an experienced officer. This field training will let you "get your feet wet" under controlled conditions, and build your confidence. Once you have completed both the written and field phases of the course, you graduate and begin your real training as an officer which will go on for as long as your career itself. This manual is divided into three large sections. The first covers the rules and regulations that govern life as an officer, from the strict Articles of Conduct to the unwritten but expected code of behavior that AHC officers follow. The next section covers basic tactics and strategy, including some specific guidelines for the most common tasks in the game. These are not the only way to do things, just one proven way to accomplish the mission. Part of being an officer is finding new ways to get the job done, using whatever resources are at hand. The final section of the manual deals with the issue of leadership what it is, why it is important, and what you should and should not do as a leader. The test that accompanies this manual is thorough, but not too difficult if you have read the material. It is not, however, a mere formality. By setting a standard for behavior and training, and one that is well above the previous level, the Allied High Command gains motivated and professional officers. I know that you can meet those standards, because you have already made the decision to become an officer. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, where your training and attitude decide the future. One professional officer, one leader, can make a difference. You are that officer! SgtFury AHCTC CO Lena AHCTC XO Manual written by B2K
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