1 quotes a number of attorneys who devote all or a

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Unformatted text preview: The article also goes into some detail on the legislative history of the proposed change to San Francisco’s law, with comments from both those who support and oppose the insertion of “guardian” into the city’s health code, a change approved by 5-1 vote of the San Francisco Commission for Animal Control and Welfare. This article is reprinted, with the same title here: SAN JOSE POST RECORD, October 20, 1999 p.1 Animal Law Practitioners Seek Justice, Not Dollars By Victoria Rivkin NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL, October 19, 1999, p.1 Quotes a number of attorneys who devote all or a substantial part of their practices to animal law issues. Elinor Molbegott is identified as one who helped draft the Felony Animal Cruelty Law, also known as “Bustler’s Law,” which elevated to a felony intentional and extreme cruelty toward non-farm domesticated animals. Other NY attorneys identified in the piece include: Karen Copeland, Maddy Tarnofsky, David J. Wolfson, Darryl M. Vernon, Suzan Porto. Pet Peeve: Do We Own Our Pets, or Just Supervise Them? We Are Owners: Laws Backed by Animal Activists Ha...
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