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37 n 5 p 1353 88 2004 burke katherine a can we stand

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Unformatted text preview: LAW JOURNAL v. 64, pt. 1, p. 57-65 (2005) Skibinsky, Christina G. Changes in Store for the Livestock Industry? Canada's Recurring Proposed Animal Cruelty Amendments SASKATCHEWAN LAW REVIEW, v. 68 n. 1, p. 173-222 (2005) Brower, Charles H. II. The Lives of Animals, the Lives of Prisoners, and the Revelations of Abu Ghraib VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW, v. 37 n. 5, p. 1353-88 (2004) Burke, Katherine A. Can we stand for it? Amending the Endangered Species Act with an animal-suit provision UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW, v. 75 n. 2, p. 633-66 (2004) Cucuzzella, Paul J. The Mute Swan case, The Fund for Animals, et al. v. Norton, et al.: National, Regional and Local Environmental Policy Rendered Irrelevant by Animal Rights Activists UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW, v. 11, p. 101-113 (2004) Krieger, Jonathan Emotions and Standing for Animal Advocates after ASPCA v. Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus LAW & INEQUALITY, v. 22 n. 2, p. 385-405 (2004) Liebman, Matthew G. Detailed Discussion of Exotic Pet Laws ANIMAL LEGAL AND HISTORICAL CENTER (2004) Available online at http:...
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