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Unformatted text preview: eocentric, hierarchical cosmologies start, yet many still reject Darwinism, believe in hierarchical cosmologies and regard animals as property. The law should liberate at least some of the nonhuman animals from the legal thinghood and give them some of the rights of legal personhood. Francione, Gary L. Animals, Property and Legal Welfarism: “Unnecessary” Suffering and the “Humane” Treatment of Animals RUTGERS LAW REVIEW, vol. 46, no. 2, pgs. 721-770, Winter (1994) Grey, Marilyn Animal Testing and the Law ANIMALS’ AGENDA, May, p. 39, 47 (1991) Frye v. United States in 1923 established the legal precedent supporting the admissibility of animal test data in cases involving humans. More recently, cases have demonstrated significant failure of animal test data. Courts have ruled “studies to be inclusive” (Wells v. Ortho Pharmaceutical), “speculative… unconvincing… not solid scientific date” (UAW v. Johnson Controls), and “not helpful in the instant case because they involve di...
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