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Unformatted text preview: aine L. and Christiane Meyer Animal Welfare Law in Canada and Europe ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 23-76 (2000) Johnson, Lisa Environmentally Friendly Ranching? An Interview on the High Desert ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 77-82 (2000) Nardo, Marilyn Lee Feedlots – Rural America’s Sewer ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 83-104 (2000) Darling, Lafcadio H. Legal Protection for Horses: Care and Stewardship or Hypocrisy and Neglect? ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 105-128 (2000) Roberts, Adam M. and Nancy V. Perry Throwing Caution to the Wind: The Global Bear Parts Trade ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 129-150 (2000) Lake, Aaron 1999 Legislative Review ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 151-78 (2000) Newell, Barbara Animal Custody Disputes: A Growing Crack in the “Legal Thinghood” of Nonhuman Animals ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 179-84 (2000) Brosnahan, Paula New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act: What Is Its Value Regarding Non-Human Hominids? ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 185-192 (2000) Suckling, Kieran A House on Fire: Linking the Biological and Linguistic Diversity Crises ANIMAL LAW, v. 6, p. 19...
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