Animal law v 8 p 243 258 2002 fulkerson laurie 2001

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Unformatted text preview: LAW, v. 8, p. 199-222 (2002) Ireland, Laura J. Canning Canned Hunts: Using State and Federal Legislation to Eliminate the Unethical Practice of Canned “Hunting” ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 223-242 (2002) Campbell, Angela Could A Chimpanzee or Bonobo Take the Stand? ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 243-258 (2002) Fulkerson, Laurie 2001 Legislative Review ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 259-88 (2002) Blumenauer, Earl The Role of Animals in Livable Communities ANIMAL LAW, v. 7, p. i-vi (2001) Tribe, Laurence H. Ten Lessons Our Constitutional Experience Can Teach Us About the Puzzle of Animal Rights: The Work of Steven M. Wise ANIMAL LAW, v. 7, p. 1-8 (2001) Wise, Steven M. Dismantling the Barrier to Legal Rights for Nonhuman Animals ANIMAL LAW, v. 7, p. 9-18 (2001) Beloof, Douglas E. Crime Victims’ Rights: Critical Concepts for Animal Rights ANIMAL LAW, v. 7, p. 19-34 (2001) Taylor, Rowan A Step at a Time: New Zealand’s Progress Toward Hominid Rights ANIMAL LAW, v. 7, p. 35-44 (2001) Waisman, Sonia S. and Barbara...
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