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Animal abusers face jail terms as states crack down

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Unformatted text preview: as a violent crime.” The article also discusses California Senate Bill 1991, which would require a defendant who is convicted of animal cruelty and placed on probation to be evaluated to determine the need for psychiatric pr psychological counseling, in recognition of the “link between torturing animals and harming or killing people…” Michael Rotsen: Ace Pet Attorney By Elizabeth Freudenthal CALIFORNIA LAW BUSINESS, This article is a profile of Encino, California attorney Michale Rotsen who runs a solo practice devoted entirely to animal law. Animal Abusers Face Jail Terms as States Crack Down By J.C. Conklin WALL STREET JOURNAL, October 28, 1998, p. B1 Pets Suits Yielding Larger Damages for the Owners Emotional distress a factor, among other novel theories By Gail Diane Cox NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL, August 10, 1998, p. A1 Article reports on a number of the “five figure recoveries for pets” including: A $15,000 jury verdict after the plaintiff’s dog bled to death following a spaying operation. The court allow...
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