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Unformatted text preview: Seeking Legal Rights for Animals; Financing Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Activities; Resolving Conflict: Hopes or Dreams. Appendixes Who’s Who in Animal Rights and Animal Welfare in the United States; Animal Bill of Rights; Chronology of the Silver Spring Monkeys; Successful National Legislation for Animal Welfare; Direct Actions by US Animal Rights Activists; The Bobby Berosini Orangutans Case. Tables Composite Activist Profile; US Meat Consumption Per Capita, 1970-1996; Revenues, Fund Balances, and Assets of Major Animal Rights/Welfare Organizations; Public Support Received by Selected Organizations in Relation to Total Revenues; Bequests of Selected Animal Rights and Welfare Organizations. Also includes detailed bibliography and index Jasper, James M. and Dorothy Nelkin The Animal Rights Crusade: The Growth of a Moral Protest New York: The Free Press, 1992 HV 4764 J37 Jasper, Margaret C. Animal Rights Law Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications, 2002 (2nd ed.) KF 3841 Z9 J37 Part of the Oceana Legal Almanac Series: Law for the Layperson. Contents Chapters The Animal Rights Movement; Animal Anti-Cruelty Legislation; Marine Mammals; Livestock and the Meatpacking Industry; Animal Experimentation; Hunting and Wildlife Management; Sports and Entertainment; Endangered Species; Companion Animals, Animal Sacrifice Appendic...
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