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By pamela d mcclintock california law business

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Unformatted text preview: ve the Potential to Go Too Far, by Bob Hallstrom [a small animal veterinarian practicing in Pittsburg, California] We Are Guardians: People Who Adopt Animals Need Recognition for Acting Ethically by Elliot Katz [a veterinarian who is the founder and president of In Defense of Animals] SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, September 2, 1999, p. A29 (opinion page) Answering the Call of the Wild: A Rare Breed of California Lawyer is Waging Legal Battles Over the Fate of the Peregrine Falcon, the Delta Smelt and Other Endangered Snakes, Birds and Animals. By Pamela d. McClintock CALIFORNIA LAW BUSINESS, October 5, 1998, p.12 Fighting Crime Against Critters: Rights Groups Work Toward Stricter Penalties For Violence Against Animals By Anh-Minh Le SAN FRANCISCO DAILY JOURNAL, July 29, 1998, p. A1 This article talks about the work being done by the Walnut Creek, California based Voices for Pets and quotes its director Leroy Moyer as saying, “we want to make sure that court system is aware that the public is watching and wants [animal cruelty] treated...
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