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Unformatted text preview: posited in a law review article 20 years ago by Joyce Tischler, now executive director of the Animal legal Defense Fund in Petaluma.” The article also reports that a case brought by the ALDF, Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Glickman, involving a roadside zoo that allegedly neglected a chimpanzee’s psychological well-being will be argued later in October, 1999. The article also credits San Francisco lawyer Derek St. Pierre as one of the two students who successfully lobbied for an animal law course at U.C., Hastings, making that school the first in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer such a course. St. Pierre files briefs on behalf of the Mill Valley based In Defense of Animals. One of their cases is the deceased willed that his Cadillac car should be crushed and his horses killed after his death; St. Pierre “argued that animals, unlike a Cadillac, were not mere property, and that Anglo-American law ‘creates an artificial dualism’ between persons and property. Probate Judge Susan Fowler agreed, and cited St. Pierre’s argument in her decision to save the horses....
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