Dog death damages expanded to intrinsic value by bill

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Unformatted text preview: n protecting members of the local bear population she fears will be hunted down an killed for breaking and entering sheds and cars in search of food. Animal Abuse Targeted: Novel Oregon effort brings together prosecutors, animal protection groups By Cynthia Scanlon THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL, June 30, 1997, p. A9 This article reports on the “…first program in the nation to prosecute animal abuse cases…a joint effort between the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office in Portland, the Multnomah County Animal Control, the Oregon Humane society and the4 Animal Protection Legal Defense Fund.” Dog-Death Damages Expanded to “Intrinsic Value” By Bill Alden NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL, August 28, 1996, p. 1 This article comments upon the court case Erwin v. The Animal Medical Center where, “[c]larifying the type of damages that a pet owner can receive for the loss of a dog, a Bronx [NY] judge has ruled that…Erwin can go ahead with at least part of his novel suit on the grounds that he is not limited to recovering the purchase price of his dog. “Instead, declaring that a dog is ‘somewhere betwe...
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