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Fouts language and the orangutan the old person of

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Unformatted text preview: ah H. Fouts Language and the Orangutan: The Old ‘Person’ of the Forest by H. Lyn White Miels The Case for the Personhood of Gorillas by Francine Patterson and Wendy Gordon Similarity and Difference Gaps in the Mind by Richard Dawkins The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond Common Sense, Cognitive Ethnology and Evolution by Marc Bekoff What’s in a Classification by R.I.M. Dumbar Apes and the Idea of Kindred by Stephen R.L. Clark Ambiguous Apes by Raymond Corbey Spirits Dressed in Furs by Adriaan Kortlandt Ethics Apes, Humans, Aliens, Vampires and Robots by Colin McGinn What Darwinians Should Support Equal Treatment for Other Apes by James Rachels Profoundly Intellectually Disabled Humans and the Great Apes; A Comparison by Christoph Anstotz Who’s Like Us by Heta Hayry and Matti Hayry A Basis for (Interspecies) Equality by Ingmar Persson Ill-gotten Gains by Tom Regan The Ascent of Apes—Broadening the Moral Community by Bernard E. Rollin Sentientism by Richard D. Ryder Great Apes and the Human Resistance to Equality by Dale Jamieson Apes as Persons The Wa...
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