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Unformatted text preview: ow and Eating Her Too: Bentham’s Mistake; Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog? Francione, Gary L. Rain without Thunder: The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1996 HV 4764 F73 “In the past decade, a number of progressive social movements have become increasingly moderate and even reactionary in their attempts to become more ‘mainstream.’ Francione’s book brilliantly analyzes this phenomenon in a particular context—the animal rights movement… [His] analysis is an articulate and insightful warning not only for those interested in animal rights but for those interested in understanding the current paralysis of other movements for social justice. This is an important book.” Drucilla Cornell, Professor of Women’s Studies and Law, Rutgers University. Contents Introduction: Animal Rights and Animal Welfare; Animal Rights: The Rejection of Instrumentation; The New Welfarists; The Philosophical and Historical Origins of New Welfarism: The “Animal Confusion” Movement; Theory: Is Animal...
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