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Garner robert political ideology and the legal status

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Unformatted text preview: o Animals of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, to discuss how the law classifies nonhuman animals and whether the current legal framework is in accord with scientific understanding, public attitudes, and fundamental principles of justice.” Garner, Robert Political Ideology and the Legal Status of Animals ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 77-92 (2002) Striwing, Helena Animal Law and Animal Rights on the Move in Sweden ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 93-106 (2002) Stevenson, Peter The World Trade Organisation Rules: A Legal Analysis of Their Adverse Impact on Animal Welfare ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 107-142 (2002) Bartlett, Steven J. Roots of Human Resistance to Animal Rights: Psychological and Conceptual Blocks ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 143-176 (2002) Tresl, Jacqueline Shoot First, Talk Later: Blowing Holes in Freedom of Speech ANIMAL LAW, v. 8, p. 177-198 (2002) Ms. Tresl examines the constitutionality of hunter harassment laws. Duckler, Geordie The Economic Value of Companion Animals: A Legal and Anthropological Argument for Special Valuation ANIMAL...
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