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Unformatted text preview: ree of legal status, and the speakers presented a range of views about how far such legal rights should extend. These remarks reflect the connection between the growing scientific understanding of chimpanzees and the advances in related legal doctrines.” Girgen, Jen The Historical and Contemporary Prosecution and Punishment of Animals ANIMAL LAW, v. 9, p. 97-134 (2003) Jones, Dena M. and Sheila Hughes Rodriguez Restricting the Use of Animal Traps in the United States: An Overview of Laws and Strategy ANIMAL LAW, v. 9, p. 135-58 (2003) Tozzini, Sandra Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Equine Cosmetic Crimes and Other Tails of Woe ANIMAL LAW, v. 9, p. 159-182 (2003) Antoncic, Lydia S. A New Era in Humane Education: How Troubling Youth Trends and a Call for Character Education are Breathing New Life Into Efforts to Education Our Youth About the Value of All Life ANIMAL LAW, v. 9, p. 183-214 (2003) Byszewski, Elaine T. Valuing Companion Animals in Wrongful Death Cases: A Survey of Current Court and Legislative Act...
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