In addition there is an epilogue an alternative to

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Unformatted text preview: c Application of the Theory: The Regulation of Animal Experimentation. In addition, there is an Epilogue, An Alternative to Legal Welfarism? Book Reviews have appeared in Ethics v107 p395 (51-250 words) Jan ‘97 Harvard Law Review v110 p559+ (51-250 words) Dec ‘96 Book World v25 p7 (501+ words) Oct 1 ‘95 Review by Steven M. Wise in The Federal Lawyer, vol. 43, no. 8, pgs. 4146, Sept., 1996 with response by Gary L. Francione in The Federal Lawyer, vol. 43 no. 8, pgs. 42-43, Sept., 1996 Gary L. Francione, A Response to Adam Roberts (response to book review in Houston Journal of International Law, vol. 19, no.1, pgs 317-324, Fall, 1996 Francione, Gary L. Introduction to Animal Rights Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2000 HV 4764 F74 Chapters The Diagnosis: Our Moral Schizophrenia about Animals; Vivisection: A Trickier Question; The Cause of Our Moral Schizophrenia: Animals as Property; The Cure for Our Moral Schizophrenia: The Principle of Equal Consideration; Robots, Religion, and Rationality; Having Our C...
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