Its purpose is to empower the citizens of india to

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Unformatted text preview: cal handbook that shows you what you can do when you see an overloaded bullock cart, a performing monkey or ivory on sale. Its purpose is to empower the citizens of India to use the strength of the law to protect animals against human greed and cruelty. It is a must-have manual for all those who wish to sustain informed campaigns in defense of these voiceless victims.” Grandin, Temple and Catherine Johnson Animals in Translation (on order) Guither, Harold D. Animal Rights: History and Scope of a Radical Social Movement Carbondale, ILL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1998 HV4708 G85 Contents Chapters The Evolution of Animal Welfare and Animal Rights; A Changing Philosophy for Human and Animal Relationships; Animal Welfare in Europe; Reformists and Abolitionists: Organizations and Their Leaders; A Profile of Animal Rights Activists by Wesley Jamison; The Debate over Animals in Research, Testing and Teaching; Intensive Animal Production: Efficient, Low-Cost Food or a Violation of Animal’s Rights; Expanding the Crusade for Animal Rights; Vegetarianism and Animal Rights; The Professions: Conflicts and Controversies; The Emerging Counterforce: Animal Interest Groups, Scientists, and Consumers React; Animal Protection in Congress; Freedom of Expression Out of Control;...
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