Mclibel animal law v 5 p 21 60 1999 mr wolfson

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Unformatted text preview: over the past year. The 1998 Legislative Review contains an overview of initiatives cockfighting in Arizona and Missouri; trapping in Alaska and California, including: hunting in Minnesota and Ohio; animal farming in California, Colorado, and South Dakota; and wildlife protection in Utah. Wolfson, David J. McLibel ANIMAL LAW, v. 5, p. 21-60 (1999) Mr. Wolfson discusses the background and holding of the English ‘McLibel’ case in relation to cruel common farming practices, its unique legal context, and the impact of the holding on animal law in general and state anti-cruelty laws in the United states. In addition, he explores the contradiction that McLibel exposes: the fact that a common farming practice can be found cruel in the view of a reasonable person, yet legal pursuant to an anti-cruelty statute. Frasch, Pamela D., Stephan K. Otto, Kristen M. Olsen, and Paul A. Ernest State Animal Anti-Cruelty Statutes: An Overview ANIMAL LAW, v. 5, p. 69-80 (1999) These authors introduce the current status of state animal anti...
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