Mr lockwood argues that the public became aware of

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Unformatted text preview: ll Animal Cruelty and Violence Against Humans: Making the Connection ANIMAL LAW, v. 5, p. 81-88 (1999) This essay focuses on the theory relating repeated international abuse of animals to a variety of violent, antisocial behaviors including child abuse, domestic violence, and violent criminal activities. Mr. Lockwood argues that the public became aware of this connection long before most law enforcement or mental health officials did. He emphasizes that animal abuse should be used as an indicator of violence in the home, and as a warning for future violent acts against people. Wise, Steven M. Animal Thing to Animal Person—Thoughts on Time, Place, and Theories ANIMAL LAW, v. 5, p.61-68 (1999) Mr. Wise challenges the rule that ‘animals are property’ and argues that animals deserve the legal rights afforded to humans. He offers seven strategic considerations for attorneys who wish to have an impact on animal rights and overcome the Great Legal Wall in the animal law field. Earnshaw, Gwendellyn Io Equity as a Paradigm for Sustainability: Evolving the Process Toward Interspecies Equity ANIMAL LAW, v. 5, p. 113-46 (1999) Ms. Earnshaw discusses the concept of resource sustainability and argues that the only way to reach a truly sustainable system is to embody interspecies e...
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