Ryder 7 brave new farm jim mason and mary finelli 8

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Unformatted text preview: omo sapiens David DeGrazia 4 The Animal Debate: A Reexamination Paola Cavalieri 5 Religion and Animals Paul Waldau Part II The Problems 6 Speciesism in the Laboratory Richard D. Ryder 7 Brave New Farm? Jim Mason and Mary Finelli 8 Outlawed in Europe Clare Druce and Philip Lymbery 9 Against Zoos Dale Jamieson 10 To Eat the Laughing Animal Dale Peterson Part III Activists and Their Strategies 11 How Austria Achieved a Historic Breakthrough for Animals Martin Balluch 12 Butchers' Knives into Pruning Hooks: Civil Disobedience for Animals Pelle Strindlund 13 Opening Cages, Opening Eyes: An Investigation and Open Rescue at an Egg Factory Farm Miyun Park 14 Living and Working in Defense of Animals Matt Ball 15 Effective Advocacy: Stealing From the Corporate Playbook Bruce Friedrich 16 Moving the Media: From Foes, or Indifferent Strangers, to Friends Karen Dawn 17 The CEO as Animal Activist: John Mackey and Whole Foods John Mackey, Karen Dawn, and Lauren Ornelas 18 Ten Points for Activists Henry Spira and Pet...
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