She also analyzes how litigation has influenced the

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Unformatted text preview: language have shaped the attempt to put forth the idea that animals have rights, and how this attempt, in turn, offers the opportunity to reconsider the meaning of rights. She also analyzes how litigation has influenced the movement’s activities and opportunities for success. She concludes that despite their many constraints, both rights talk and litigation are powerful resources for those who seek change, especially when used by strategically minded activists.” Law and Security Inquiry, Fall, 1996, BOOK NOTES. Silverstein, Helena Unleashing Rights: Law and the Politics of the Animal Rights Movement Ann Arbor, Michigan: U.M.I. Dissertation Services, 1992 HV 4708 S554 Singer, Peter, Editor In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 2006 Contents include: Contents Notes on Contributors Introduction Peter Singer Part I The Ideas 1 Utilitarianism and Animals Gaverick Matheny 2 The Scientific Basis for Assessing Suffering in Animals Marian Stamp Dawkins 3 On the Question of Personhood beyond H...
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