This is the first work of its kind based on

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Unformatted text preview: vely for one opinion or another. Unfortunately, very few publications have attempted to provide personal perspectives from these activists. This is the first work of its kind, based on collecting interviews with identical questions asked of all participants, so that their responses may be compared and contrasted.” Participants Carol J. Adams, Ron Arnold, David Barbarash, Don Barnes, Gene Bauston, Marc Bekoff, Brian Bishop, Robert Cohen, Priscilla Cohn, Karen Coyne, Diana Dawne, Ryan DeMares, Sherrill Durbin, Michael Fox, Milton Freeman, Margery Glickman, Kimber Gorall, Alan Herscovici, Alex Hershaft, J.R. Hyland, Roberta Kalechofsky, Crystal Kendell, Deanna Krantz, Finn Lynge, Kathleen Marquardt, Pat Miller, Laura Moretti, Ingrid Newkirk, Ava Park, Teresa Platt, Susan Roghair, Anthony L. Rose, Andrew Rowan, Jerry Schill, Cindy Schonholtz, Mary Zeiss Strange, Patti Strand, Michael Tobias, Frankie L. Trull, William L. Wade, Ed Walsh, Ben White Questions Asked Q1: Could you tell us a lit...
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