Was it a single event or a gradual process that

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Unformatted text preview: tle bit about yourself? Who are you? Where and when were you born? What do you enjoy? Q2: How did you become involved in animal rights issues? Was it a single event, or a gradual process that started you down the path toward activism? Q3: What are one or two issues that you spend the most time on? Why do you care so much about this (or these) issues? Why should other people also care about this? Q4: What are your short-term and long-term strategies for achieving your goals? What do you do exactly, on a regular basis, toward these goals? Write? Research? Education? Protest? Q5: What is your ultimate goal on this issue? When could you say, “we have succeeded”? Q6: Do you work closely with any formal groups or organizations? Which one(s)? Q7: What groups or types of people do you consider to be “the opposition”? Q8: Whom do you admire the most, or who inspires you? Name one or two, modern or ancient heroes you have? Q9: Is religion or spirituality a part of your life? Does this religion (or lack...
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