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Unformatted text preview: 9 Minutes (VHS) 2000 C-SPAN Archives XV 644 Discussion and debate on animal rights, particularly concerning professor Wise’s book Rattling the Cage. The author argues that basic legal rights should be extended to animals, starting with chimpanzees and other lab animals. Henry – One Man’s Way 53 Minutes (VHS) 1997 Peter Singer XV 839 An inspiring portrait of Henry Spira, the most effective animal rights activist of the pasty twenty years. While he might not be a household name, Spira took on companies that are. Virtually every shampoo or cosmetic product sold today has the words “Not Tested on Animals” on its packaging, largely due to Henry’s efforts. See http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/henry.html for synopsis, awards, and reviews. McLibel – Two Worlds Collide 57 Minutes, 11 Seconds (VHS) 1997 One-Off Productions XV 842 Two activists take on McDonald’s in the longest trial in English history. McLibel is the inside story of how a single father and a part-time bar worker took on the McDonald’s Corporation. Filmed over th...
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