By dean casperson the rspca 1824 1996 by richard d

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Unformatted text preview: n Attitudes Today Them and Us? by Dean Casperson The RSPCA 1824-1996 by Richard D. Ryder Farm Animals: The Law’s Contradictions by Peter Stevenson Managing a Nature Reserve by Richard Williamson The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986, by Brian Robinson The Law Now Animal Laws in England 1870-1997, by Ann Datta Appendix A Note on Animal Dispatch Afterword Andrew Linzey Fadali, Moneim A. Animal Experimentation: A Harvest of Shame Los Angeles, California: Hidden Springs Press, 1996 HV4915 F33 Favre, David S. Animals: Welfare, Interests, and Rights East Lansing, Michigan: Animal Legal & Historical Center, 2003 KF 3841 F38 Favre, David and Peter L. Borchelt Animal Law and Dog Behavior Tucson, AZ: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co., 1999 KF 390.5 D6 F38 Contents Ownership of Animals Harm Caused by Animals State and Local Government – Animal Regulation Veterinarian Malpractice The Development of Anti-Cruelty Laws During the 1800s Animal Behavior and the Law, An Introduction by Peter L. Borchelt The Ethology and Epidemiology of Canine Aggression by Randall Lockwood Dog Bites – Basic Behavioral Principals and Misunderstanding Words by Peter Borchelt Attacks by Packs of Dogs Involving Predation on Human Being...
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