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ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1 SUBJECT SHEETS Choosing a state-funded school If you come to the United Kingdom (UK) to study, you may want to bring your children to be educated. You have the option of sending them to an independent (private) school or to a school funded by the state. By far the majority of UK children are educated in the state school system, which is free. 1 When can my children go to a state school in the United Kingdom? They can go from the age of four to the age of sixteen. Parents (and those with legal responsibility for dependents) have a responsibility to ensure that children attend school up to the age of sixteen. Entry to nursery is not compulsory but usually available. Some state nurseries take children part-time from the age of three and full-time from the age of four. Private nurseries may take children as young as six months. Your children can stay in the UK for the duration of your stay in the UK, provided they first came into the country when they were under the age of eighteen. However, there are some facts you should be aware of: Checklist: Criteria for entry into state schools the child must be registered as your dependent, and you may be asked for proof of this there can be some difficulties when schools say they will not consider children where their stay is too short (less than six months for example) but this is not legal, if the school has a place – go the LEA (Local Education Authority) your children have to live with you you have to show that you can financially support and accommodate your children (and your spouse, if he or she is coming with them) your children should leave the UK with you when your studies are completed if your children are not visa nationals and have started a course that they want to continue after you leave, they can apply to the Home Office to stay on as students in their own right (they will need to meet all immigration requirements that apply to students) if your children are visa nationals, they will not be able to stay on as students after you leave – they will have to leave the UK and apply for a student visa from a UK Embassy or High Commission abroad before re-entering the country You may occasionally find that there is opposition to your application from some schools. If this happens apply direct to the LEAs. www.educationuk.org
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SUBJECT SHEETS 2 What is a state-funded school? A state-funded school is essentially a school whose budget comes from public sector funds. This can be from the local education authority (a local authority or education board) or from central government. Schools that are not state-funded are called private schools, independent schools or – confusingly – public schools. Private and public schools are independent bodies that raise their own funds independently and charge fees. Most voluntary aided/voluntary controlled schools are funded by the government through Local Education
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learning-infosheets-choosing-state-funded-schools - ENGLISH...

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