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Of School I've never seen a hundred, It's pretty big, I guess. I keep asking everyone. And they just say, "Oh yes"… "A hundred is an awful lot"… "A great big, huge amount"… But I am really worried, 'Cause I'm just learning how to count. I'm learning all my numbers, And I'm trying by myself, To understand a hundred. But I might need some help. I can't believe we've been in school For a hundred days! A hundred is a lot, I know, So I am just amazed! I like to come to school each day And I love my school a lot.
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Unformatted text preview: Mom says I go to school to learn But it's fun, so I forgot! So we counted to one hundred And now I think I know, That one hundred days we've been in school… And there are lots more days to go! Lots more days for having fun, In our very own classroom. And if I learn to count some more I'll be at a MILLION soon! Courtesy of Songs 4 Teachers© Feel free to share this poem with your colleagues Mary - [email protected]
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