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September 2 - up to the height of the land and the height...

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Natural Disasters- September 2, 2008 Clicker Introduction: People used to think that disasters were caused by the heavens (the stars) Essence of science is to be able to predicts natural phenomena and with that,they can reduce their effects (how people respond to prediction) How do we get people to respond? Gustav- response was tremendous- entire city evacuated, now there back and nothing happened, so what happens next time a storm comes? New Orleans- build below the normal sea level (water just pours into a city in the depression) New Orleans/Tampa bay- cat 5 in the right angle can flood and displace 3 million people Levis- keep the water out When levis break, it increases the magnitude of the disaster If levis weren’t there to begin with (Katrina), water would have spread out everywhere (levi can either fail (then water gets traps and magnifies the disaster) or water flows higher than it) Once water pops levi, they act as bowl. if water goes higher than a levi, the water comes
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Unformatted text preview: up to the height of the land and the height of the levi so it adds height. theyre a good thing but when they fail, it magnifies the disaster. Problem with gustav: they predicted it would be a cat 2- cat 4. .. it was actually cat 2. time it takes to evacuate a city and the accuracy of predictions = 2 major factors bubble around forecasts= entire range of possibilities for storm to predict storm surge- a wall with water, its the sea which is being pushed up by the hurricane onto land. rises 7m. Storm surge- 90% of all depts of all hurricane happen with a storm surge Type of natural phenomenon’s: (don't memorize) Earthquakes: local to regional Floods: local to regional Hurricanes: regional Tsunamis: regional to global Meteorite impacts: regional to global Largest earthquake ever recorded: chile 1960 earthquake (m9.5) Disaster: a hazardous event affecting a community in an adverse way such that essential social structures and functions are disrupted...
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September 2 - up to the height of the land and the height...

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