September 9 - September 9 2008 Where and When at the...

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September 9, 2008 Where and When - at the equator, you can't get rotation, winds blow directly from high pressure to low pressure and the pressure equalizes. - tropical cyclones do not form near the equator due to the lack of the corioles effect - the Coriolis effect is the apparent deflection of air due to the rotation of the earth in low pressure systems- the winds around them always rotate counterclockwise - air, rather than flowing directly from areas of high pressure to low pressure, rotate to the right of this direction in the northern hemisphere - sea surface temperature are always warmer along the east coast than the west coast - at least 4 degrees away from the equator- you have enough coriolis force to produce rotation. - the water temp as warm as possible - four things required to form a tropical cyclone/typhoon - enough coriolis force to develop a low pressure center (4-5 degrees from equator) - a preexisting low-level focus or disturbance- some sort of system to concentrate the storm and clouds on one location - sufficiently warm sea surface temperatures approximately 27 degrees celcius at least 60 m deep. as warm as possible (happens in the summer, late summer, because the water heats up slower than land does, takes more time to effectively raise the temperature of the water) peak temp in water delayed month or two. (august- october) warmer along east coast than west good depth of warm sea surface temperature - low vertical wind shear- the wind near the surface has to be blowing at close to the same speed and direction as the wind in the upper parts of the atmosphere (can't have wind in different direction or speed because it ends up pulling the
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September 9 - September 9 2008 Where and When at the...

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